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New Projects Launched!

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It has been a super jammed packed few months but thanks to the great list of clients we work with, it has been a pleasure! The General Public Sushi Lodge was launched quickly after The Eatery’s ultra retro website with its own custom Sushi Maker Game!

Platinum Rose, another Real Estate Development project has also been launched while we continue to update the content as it become available. Highly recommend investing with Noura Construction’s Platinum Rose!

The Village Green Real Estate Marketing project in Vancouver is moving on to the second phase with the show suit being prepared. We will be working with the developer to dress up the showroom and create additional signage to promote the development.

We will be posting an update on all projects very soon!

Synues Website Re-launch!

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It is super exciting to announce the launch of our new website! It sure has been a long time coming since Flash expired and we got caught up with pleasing our clients. The holiday season gave us the gift of time to re-think, re-design and simplify our story.

It is an overwhelming taks to include every gem from our portfolio. We will be adding more projects to the showcase in the coming up weeks and keep you updated as we finalize our list of services for 2013!